Riot Games Disables Chat Feature League of Legends 11.21

League of Legends game developer, Riot Games some time ago released a statement through their official website page that Riot will conduct a trial of disabling the chat feature for the next patch update, which is 11.21.

This policy was taken by Riot Games in connection with reports from players regarding the increasing problem of verbal harassment occurring in the chat feature section.

League of Legends director Andrei van Roon and Main Gameplay Producer, Jemery Lee said they saw a larger negative interaction and they were evaluating the impact of the change.

“While /all chat can be a source of fun social interaction between teams, as well as some joking with caution, right now the negative interactions outweigh the positives,” wrote Andrei Van Roon via the League of Legends website on Tuesday (12/10). ).

“We will evaluate the impact of this change through reports of verbal abuse and penalty rates as well as surveys and direct feedback from all of you.”


Meanwhile, in a tweet on Andrei van Roon’s official Twitter account, he wrote that his party is currently testing to turn off all chats where team chat will still be available. The trial was driven by the degree of negative versus positive interaction.

According to Andrei, he is waiting to see what people think about the experience of disabling chat in the League of Legends game and giving an assessment of whether it is good enough or not and whether he should just disable it or turn it back on.

When all chat is disabled, opponents can still hear and see emotes and champ mastery. It will automatically not work if the player is muted and spams CTRL +1/2/3/4. Then at the end of the game, the chat still remains cross-team where teammates can coordinate with each other in team chat.

Andrei and Jeremy realize that verbal abuse is common in team chats. So disabling all chats will not get rid of the abuse.

As we already know, team chat serves as a feature of team coordination tools so it has a much higher potential value and causes some unpleasant experiences.

Riot Games is currently struggling to reduce negative things including interactions so that they don’t grow, especially in the chats that have been created in the League of Legends game. It might be a bit annoying but trust me it’s just one way to make the game have a positive impact on everyone.

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