Here’s a Unique PS4 Controller Keychain That Can Be Used to Pay for Public Transportation –

Sometimes what we see in front of our eyes always has unexpected secrets, something that fits well to describe the keychain in the form of a PS4 controller that we just got. More specifically, recently we have got a unique product released EasyCard Corporation, where they made a PS4 controller keychain that turned out to have a function as a smartcard to be used to pay for public transportation.

PS4 Keychain

EasyCard itself has received an official license from Sony to make this product, and they actually managed to create something so eye-catching. The fact that you can use a keychain as a means of paying for transportation, even when shopping at the supermarket or eating at a specialty restaurant is really something that is so fun to try. We feel that this can even be used as a light prank content idea to see how people react.

Below we’ve taken a closer look at the product including a size comparison with the original DualShock 4 controller:

PS4 Keychain PS4 Keychain

This PS4 controller keychain is sold at a fairly cheap price at USD 13 or around IDR 180 thousand only. One important thing that you should know is that this product has only been maximized in Taiwan, but who knows, those who have bought the product can give a testimonial whether they can use it for public facilities in Indonesia as well or not. Even though it can’t be used, the quality is pretty solid for those of you who just want a PlayStation themed keychain.

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