10 Tips for Playing New World for those of you who are newbies

New World is a game Massively Multiplayer Online The newest (MMO) that is being played all over the world. So crowded, it is said that the server that is intended for players to be able to enter this game can’t be accessed because of the many people trying to play it.

Have you tried the newest game from Amazon that is New World? If you have and you don’t understand, Cilar.net will provide 10 tips that you can apply to play New World.

Make the Most of Both Slots for Weapons

New World
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There are many variants of weapons given in New World and you get this at the beginning of the game. There are no required or set classes in New World, so you have to figure out for yourself which weapon you want to use and build accordingly playstyle or gameplay We. For example, you can choose Life Staff and Hatchet or Great Axe and Musket. The selection of these weapons is certainly in accordance with the Weapon Mastery that the weapon has and you need. To find out how many weapons and what combinations are good, you can check here.

Pay attention to your weight

Not only in real life, New World also requires you to pay attention to the weight of the load you have. It means the weight of the load here is the armor and equipment that you have and use.

Indeed, if you have good armor and equipment, you will increase your chances of survival better too. However, the armor and equipment you carry will affect the weight of the load you are supporting and it will affect how well you can dodge or move.

The weight of this load also depends on the gameplay that you want to use. If you want to have a strong character, of course you have to use good armor and equipment as well and sacrifice your speed and reflexes. However, if you prioritize speed and reflexes, you will have to sacrifice armor and equipment.

Pay attention to the durability of your equipment

Like objects in the real world, weapons, equipment, and armor in the New World also have durability or endurance. Usually, beginners never saw the durability of the weapon or equipment he was wearing. So, you have to pay attention to the durability of each of your equipment.

If the durability of your equipment is already small, you don’t need to worry. You can fix your equipment a little bit gold and ‘Repair Parts‘ which you can get from weapons or armor that you don’t use.

Browse to Open Quick Travel Options

New World
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Some of the missions that are present in New World require you to travel or explore far. Of course, this makes you have to spend even more. However, you can open Fast Travel Shrines if you have traveled far and of course you can find some resources that can help you.

Use the Recall Inn and Camps to Cut Your Adventure Time

The Inn Recall feature is actually the same as the one present in World of Warcraft (WoW) that is Hearthstone. If you want to use this feature, talk to the innkeeper to check-in at the inn and you can teleport there for free with cooldown for one hour. This is very useful if you are running quest with a very distant pat. You can use Inn Recall at any inn, but you can only activate it at one inn.

In addition, you can also build a camp while traveling, as long as you have the materials needed for camping. Although the benefits are not that great, however, if you are running quest in a faraway place, of course you will be lazy if you have to go back to the inn.

Get started Crafting

Crafting become something very important in the New World. Although this ability will have more impact on you at the maximum level where you can already farming better quality resources to make powerful weapons or equipment, but crafting still very important.

you guys can craft arrows or bullets if you plan to use range weapon. Besides just craft or make something, you can sell everything you make in Trading Post.

Choose Faction or Faction what you want

New World
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The longer you play New World, the missions you receive will certainly be more difficult. Therefore, you need faction or faction to help you. You have to choose between The Marauders, The Covenant, or The Syndicate. Each faction has its own territory depending on server which one are you playing. Choose a faction that is strong and often wins in battles.

Guild or companies is also a faction. If you plan to play with your friends, it’s better if you join a faction. However, if you have plans to fight each other, try different factions.

You can change factions if you want, however, you can do so after you have 120 days in the previous faction. So, be careful in choosing a faction.

Don’t Forget to Take Town and Fiction Quest

Complete main quest you really have to, but it would be nice if you took a look at some quest more like Town Quest or Fiction Quest.

Town quest you can get from Town Board by offering an appropriate amount of XP. Not only that, you can also ask to help you improve some aspects you need, such as crafting stations.

After you choose a faction, you can take faction quest which can help you to improve your position in the faction. This mission comes in two types, namely PvP and PvE. Even if you don’t get XP after finishing faction quest, you can buy the equipment you need and help your faction with the reputation you have.

Improve Your Position with Region

The more activities you do in various areas, the more benefits you can get. The more you increase your position in an area, the more benefits you will get, such as XP.

Save so you can buy a house

Not a married couple in Indonesia, but in the New World, you also need a home. The method? Well save! In addition to money, you also need several other requirements such as a minimum level of 15.

The advantage that you can get by owning a house is that you can make your home a place to live recall point, like Inn Recall. You can also increase your capacity and get buff.

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