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Although Koei Tecmo has no plans to make a sequel or new game Fatal Frame, they at least still have a few other projects for it, including a new live-action film adaptation. This information was shared directly by the creator Keisuke Kikuchi through the quoted interview session 4Gamer. He said although there are no plans to make a new game yet, they are already preparing a live-action film Fatal Frame which will be shot outside of Japan.

Information about this film project actually appeared in 2014, or not long after the screening of Fatal Frame: The Movie. The absence of further news after several years has many fans worried that the project has been cancelled, but at least we have direct confirmation from Kikuchi that the film is still in active development.

Talking about the potential for a new game or sequel, Kikuchi had said that the performance of the re-release of Maiden of Black Water could encourage their efforts/consideration to develop a new sequel to Fatal Frame. The point is, if the re-release of the classic series gets a positive reception and ends up selling well, then the chances of Kikuchi and his team in realizing their new project can be realized. The discourse to make a sequel to this new Fatal Frame has indeed been mentioned several times, in which Koei did not rule out the return of their flagship horror franchise.

So while waiting for the film project to be completed or the announcement of a new game in the future, at least for now fans can anticipate the presence of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water on October 28. The game itself will be released on various platforms ranging from PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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