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No longer just a rumor that continues to invite fans’ curiosity, finally Mihoyo has officially announced a new game from the Honkai Impact franchise which this time is entitled Honkai Star Rail. Enthusiasm in welcoming this game is quite large, especially seeing the increasing number of gamers who are familiar with the name Mihoyo and are interested in their IP other than Genshin Impact.

Information about Honkai Star Rail itself is still very minimal apart from the appearance of several screenshots and teaser trailers that have been exhibited, but at least we have found interesting facts and new information that you should know. What are the facts and information? just take a look at the summary below!

Spin-off Sequel to Honkai Impact 3

Fakta Honkai Star Rail

Through its official announcement last week, Honkai Star Rail has been confirmed to be present as a spin-off sequel to Honkai Impact 3 or more precisely after APHO (A Post-Honkai Odyssey). We don’t know if the story itself is canon or is an alternate reality that takes place in the Honkai universe, but despite the striking differences, fans can still see the similarities that are still maintained such as character designs, graphic styles, to gameplay that is full of cinematic action.

Gameplay Berbasis Turn-Based RPG

Fakta Honkai Star Rail

Another most striking difference from Honkai Star Rail also lies in the mechanics of the gameplay. If most Mihoyo games always carry hack and slash action gameplay, this time Honkai Star Rail comes with turn-based RPG-based combat. Maybe some players don’t really like this new change, but on the other hand, this is a pretty interesting change and makes the game feel more striking than other Mihoyo works. Not to mention that the game also seems to still maintain the dominant action elements, such as the cool animated full attack effects that might also be combined with strategic gameplay and have a fast game tempo.

There is a Husbando Character

One more aspect that most distinguishes this game is the presence of the husbando character. Although it seems trivial, Honkai Impact 3 in fact still doesn’t have a male playable character, which of course can limit the attractiveness of certain fans for the game. Now with the waifu and husbando characters, Honkai Star Rail seems to have the potential to encourage more varied playable characters and not limited to Valkyrie only.

Will Release Simultaneously on PC Too

Armed with Mihoyo’s experience over the last few years, this time they have no hesitation in bringing their new game to release simultaneously on many platforms. For Honkai Star Rail, they have confirmed that the game will be available on mobile (Android and iOS) and PC. This is certainly different from when they released Honkai Impact 3, where previously the game was still limited to release on mobile and the Chinese region only, but now they are immediately determined to release it simultaneously in all regions with an additional PC version as well.

Talking about the release of the PC version, the following are the specifications that Mihoyo recommends:

PC – Recommended Specifications

  • Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5
  • RAM: 8GB
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970

First Closed Beta Registration

Along with the opening of the official website some time ago, Mihoyo has finally opened the first Closed Beta registration for Honkai Star Rail. Based on the questions and information from the form included, it seems that the Beta stage this time is more devoted to gamers who have experience playing RPG games on mobile and consoles, such as how they have to tick a list of the many games that have been played for more than a month.

The form for the platform play test section also gives an indication that this beta access is only reserved for players on the iOS and PC platforms, but our guess could be wrong and Android players can also participate. If you are interested in participating, you can still register now via the game’s official website HERE.

Well, that’s a little summary of new facts and information from Honkai Star Rail that you must know. Seeing how the game development process has progressed far up to the first Closed Beta stage, it seems certain that the release of the game will not be long. If we can predict, we think there is a high possibility that Honkai Star Rail will be ready to release in the first or second quarter of 2022.

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