The International 10: T1 Soars, Thunder Predator Eliminated

event The International 10 or the so -called ordinary TI 10 finally gave a sweet story to the debutant team consisting of two original players Indonesia, T1. After they did not get positive results in the first two days, on the third day, they were able to clear all the matches they had played with a win.

Previously, on the first and second days, they were only able to achieve one win and three defeats. They lost to Invictus Gaming, Evil Geniuses (EG), and AND each with a score of 2-0 and only once won over (VP) with a score of 2-0.

This is a special impetus for T1 to be able to achieve maximum results on the third day which will be held on October 9, 2021. They have played three times against Team Aster (jam 14.00), Alliance (at 18.00), and Team Undying (22.30).

Of match the first time against Team Aster, T1 struggled to win. Team Aster forced them to work even harder to get full points in this match because Team Aster also needed a win. However, after playing for 49 minutes (first game) and 50 minutes (second game), they were able to beat Team Aster with a score of 2-0.

On match second against Alliance. T1 succeeded in forcing Alliance to return to defeat after they previously lost to Team Undying. The 2-0 score also managed to be the final result of T1’s victory over Alliance in match second time.

The previous two wins are good capital for T1 to maintain this positive trend for match third against Team Undying. Team Undying, which can be said to be a ‘dark horse’ team, was able to give a good fight to T1. However, T1 managed to get out of the match and won with a score of 2-0.

On the other hand, the team that is expected to give a surprise at TI 10, Thunder Predator, instead became the first team to be eliminated from TI 10. After swallowing four defeats on the first and second days, Thunder Predator could not get out of the path of defeat so they swallowed lose streak on the third day.

A team coached by former players and champions TI 5, Clinton “Fear“Loomis, couldn’t play well on the third day. They lost three times to VP, EG, and Team Aster with a score of 2-0 each. These results left them in the bottom position with seven defeats and confirmed themselves as the first team to be eliminated at TI 10.

Here are the results on day three and the provisional ranking of group A TI 10:

TI 10 Group A Results Day 3
Temporary Ranking of Group A IT 10

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