Twitch Experienced Hacking, Streamer Data Leaked to Public

The live streaming video service platform that focuses on gaming and esports, Twitch, recently suffered heavy losses due to the leak of streamer data to the public.

Amazon’s networked TV some time ago faced hacking by anonymous hackers and made some of his ‘secret’ data now known to the world.

Starting from the Sinoc Twitter account, which wrote a tweet on Wednesday (6/10) and announced that experienced a data hack. He wrote that some of the leaked data were payments to individual streamers, encrypted passwords, site source code, unannounced and unreleased projects, even the names of competitors Amazon.


There are 125 GB of data that is currently known to the public by making it ‘Part One’ or the first part. That means most likely, Hackers are still storing Twitch data that is still not known to the public.

The day that coincided with the data leak, Twitch wrote on its official website that it was investigating the hack. The data leak faced by Twitch may be due to an update on their internal server.

“Some data was leaked onto the internet due to an error in a Twitch server configuration change which was then accessed by a third party. Our team is working with urgency to investigate the incident,” wrote Twitch on Wednesday (6/10).

“As the investigation is ongoing, we are still in the process of understanding the impact in detail. We understand that this situation raises concerns, and we would like to address some of them here while our investigation continues.”

This certainly surprises the Twitter social media world, considering that Twitch is the most widely used platform by gamers and esports activists in the world. The Sinoc Twitter account then took screenshots of some data to prove that Twitch really had a data leak.

Among the many data leaked to the public, one thing that might be interesting is that Amazon is preparing to face its competitor, Steam, by presenting the Vapor or Vapor platform. The name appears as a code name in the software or software.

This may be a hot and quite hot conversation both in cyberspace and not. People may now start to analyze and assume about the presence of the Vapor platform in the future.

If Vapor is really going to be a Steam competitor, that can certainly be quite annoying in terms of video game distribution. Because this platform will probably integrate with Twitch and allow gamers to buy and create games by having all the streaming tools on Twitch.

Sinoc mentions that Vapeworld is assumed to be part of a 3D chat room a bit like PlayStation Home. Unfortunately, this is still only Sinoc’s assumption and it can’t be justified whether it will happen in the future or not.

At this point, all you can do is change your password immediately and keep up with the latest developments from Twitch. Hopefully this data leak problem can be resolved quickly and can improve Twitch security in the future.

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