New Leak Reveals New PlayStation Game Remake, Possibly Xenogears? –

Even though Sony held a PlayStation Showcase event that brought some big surprises last month, we can be sure that they actually still have a lot of big projects that are still being kept secret. Based on a big leak that just spread today, it looks like one of those projects is a remake of an iconic PlayStation game that will be confirmed for announcing in December, with Metal Gear Solid and Xenogears as two of the more speculative titles.

This new leak comes from Irish singer-songwriter Eabha McMahon (AVA), who accidentally leaked important information during an interview with radio program The Lunchbox. Based on the information shared, AVA is currently collaborating with Michael McGlynn on writing a new song for the PlayStation game in Irish. More specifically, the game is a remake whose name cannot be divulged due to NDA ties.

As we mentioned above, regarding the identity of the game itself, there are two titles that have the greatest possibility, namely Metal Gear Solid and Xenogears. For Metal Gear Solid the reason is because there have been rumors circulating since last year that the original game will get a remake, plus the game also has a song with Irish lyrics entitled “The Best is Yet to Come”. As for Xenogears, the reason is because this is a PlayStation game that isn’t fully “done” with incomplete content, so a remake project is really needed. But the biggest reason lies more in McGlynn’s close relationship with composer Yasunori Mitsuda, with whom they previously collaborated on the song Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Xenogears’ 20th anniversary celebrations.

Since the information says that this game will be announced in December, one event we can think of is The Game Awards 2021, but there were rumors that Sony was preparing a bigger PlayStation exhibition event at the end of the year.

Source: Gematsu

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