The International 10 – DOTA 2 Will Return Without Live Audience in Arena –

It doesn’t feel like the days are just counting down for gamers, especially those who like competitive esports schemes, soon they will be able to experience the esports tournament with the highest revenue with a myriad of spectators spread all over the world, The International DOTA 2 tournament. spectators who witnessed live in the arena, it seems to be a little disappointed.

The International 10 DOTA 2 itself will be held at the Arena Nationala, in Bucharest, Romania. Unfortunately, this year the biggest esports tournament has to return without audience directly again. The main reason is because the COVID-19 condition in the country is still quite high. In addition, security for all team participants must also be a priority so that the game runs smoothly without any obstacles.

Previously, The International 10 DOTA 2 was planned to be held in Sweden, but due to rejection, it was moved to an even bigger arena, namely the Arena Nationala which is a football stadium with a capacity of around 55,000 people. Of course, without the slightest audience, it’s a shame, but security is of course the main priority.

The International 10 will start from 12 to 17 October 2021. This year also seems to be the biggest year for DOTA 2 fans in Indonesia. The reason is, after more than 10 years of the tournament rolling, finally there is an Indonesian representative who will fight in the tournament. They are Xepher & Whitemon with the T1 team who have secured a slot in the tournament.

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