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Starting as a casual mobile game release, who would have thought that Sausage Man still maintains a strong position as the most popular new battle royale game on the mobile platform. A few months after its official release, Sausage Man is ready to hold an All Star Royale tournament that will bring together popular streamers in Southeast Asia. The tournament which will be held on 9 October has a grand prize of USD 10,000 which must be contested by the best players.

The Sausage Man All Star Royale Tournament will bring together 18 popular SEA streamers such as
Alodia Lhea Bernardino, and Roadfill-Moymoy Palaboy from the Philippines, Focus Jeerakul, JAI RAW and RanyaGaming from Thailand, and for sure some of you are familiar with Baeby Grey, Cantika Gaming, and Rizky Jamal from Indonesia. Each streamer must build his own elite team of four players before being ready to compete. The team with the most scores or kills will be chosen as the winner later in each preliminary round.

In addition to international-based tournaments, All Star Royale will also hold small-scale tournaments in the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia on 23 October. The competition scheme for the total grand prize remains the same, but this time only local streamers are eligible to participate. For local streamers who are really interested in participating, there is a main requirement that they must have at least 2,000 followers and have streamed playing Sausage Man at least four times. If you meet the requirements, then you can directly register on the official form HERE.

So like the information above, the Sausage Man All Star Royale tournament itself will be held on October 9th via livestream on the game’s Facebook page and official YouTube channel.

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Sausage Man

Publisher: XD Entertainment Pte Ltd

Developer: So Funny Games

Release Date: 2021-06-29

Mobile Game, Android, iOS

Featuring battles between 100 players, a vast battle arena, and a cool customization system, Sausage Man is a battle royale game with hilarious elements that promises to give the genre a new feel. In addition to relying on gunplay with animated shots to realistic weapon models, the battle royale gameplay offered by Sausage Man allows you to perform crazy and creative actions in dominating the course of battle.

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