Pokemon Sylveon Officially Released on Pokemon UNITE Today

Game developer, TiMi Studio together with The Pokemon Company some time ago announced that it will launch Pokemon Sylveon for Pokemon UNITE on Tuesday, (5/10) today.

The 700th Fairy-type Pokemon was first introduced in the sixth generation. Sylveon is a furry Pokemon with pink feet, ears and tail.

He also has light blue eyes with long ears and a small nose. Overall Pokemon Sylveon is a cute and adorable creature.

In the animation, Sylveon is about 1 meter tall with his predecessor Pokemon Eevee (133). In gender ratio, Pokemon Sylveon has 87.5% male and 12.5% ​​female.

The development of Pokemon Eevee into Sylveon occurred in the Party Dancecapades series in 2016. However, Sylveon first debuted in Eevee & Friends in 2013.

At first glance Sylveon is very much like a rabbit. Japanese illustrator, Atsuka Nishida described this pokemon as a rabbit that is very active when under the light of a full moon.


According to him, Pokemon Sylveon is like a moon rabbit in a legend that developed in Asia, especially Japan. The moon rabbit is depicted as the companion of the Chinese moon goddess Chang’e. If gamers are familiar with Sylveon in animation, maybe you can already imagine what this Pokemon looks like.

Pokemon Sylveon is one of the various final evolutions of Eevee. He has a lot of great attacks to later use in battle such as the skill to scorch up to stare at the opponent.

All about Pokemon Sylveon can be watched live by players through Pokemon UNITE on Tuesday today. Of course there are many surprises that Sylveon will present in the battle arena later.

About what will Pokemon Sylveon present in Pokmeon UNITE today?

Source: DOT Esports | Bulbapedia

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