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Some time ago, Asobimo has given a brief teaser about his latest game entitled N-INNOCENCE which seems to be carrying the RPG genre. For those of you who are familiar, of course, there will be no doubts about the quality of the anime-style mobile game developer. Do you think the new game will satisfy fans and gamers?

At the Tokyo Game Show 2021 yesterday, Asobimo shared details about the latest. N-INNOCENCE will be released on November 24 for Android as well as iOS. Unfortunately, the release will only be available for the Japanese region. But for those of you who don’t have a problem with the language, you can pre-register through the official website HERE.

N-INNOCENCE itself will carry the concept of side-scrolling fighting-style RPG action but with quality graphics such as 3D and animation that is quite interesting. Players will use various characters that contain 3 people in one team. You only need to press the screen anywhere to run the combo and there is a cool move called Combo Art. The game itself carries a combined mythological theme from Nordic, Ancient Greece, to Japan.

Several well-known seiyuu have been confirmed to be involved in the game. Call it like Aina Suzuki who will sing the theme song of the game. In addition, there are several other names such as Tomokazu Sugita as the brand ambassador, to Misuzu Yamada who will be the voice of the main heroine in the game.

As we mentioned above, N-INNOCENCE made by Asobimo will be released next month, to be precise on November 24 for Android and iOS. Don’t worry, if the game sells well, it will most likely be released globally like other Asobimo games. Don’t forget to visit the official website HERE for more information as well as pre-register.

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