Honkai Star Rail Finally Announced, Spin-Off Sequel to Honkai Impact 3! – Cilar.net

Starting from trademark registration to initial leaks that accidentally spread first, finally the existence of the latest Honkai Star Rail game has been officially announced by Mihoyo. Through a presentation event that just took place a while ago, Mihoyo has officially showcased the game for the first time through a short teaser trailer that shows a little snippet of the story to the main characters in the game later.

Unfortunately this announcement was brief without many new details being shared, but at least the game’s social media accounts have been officially opened with important pieces of information. The developer ensures that the first closed-beta registration for Honkai Star Rail will officially open on October 8th.

Regarding the game itself, Honkai Star Rail has been confirmed to be present as a spin-off sequel to Honkai Impact 3 or more precisely after APHO (A Post-Honkai Odyssey). Based on previous leaks, it can be ascertained that the game carries turn-based RPG gameplay instead of action like most other Mihoyo games. You will still be presented with a large selection of characters to invite in the party, some of which have designs similar to Himeko, Bronya, or Seele.

So like the information above, Honkai Star Rail is planning to open its first closed beta registration on October 8th. The game itself is devoted to release on the Android and iOS platforms. You can follow the latest developments of the game on the official Hoyolab website HERE.

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