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Starting from a teaser that turned out to be a mobile game, SEGA’s fans’ welcome for the new RPG game that it is currently preparing has ended up getting less positive response. Apart from all that, there are also some fans who remain curious and hope that this can be a solid mobile game. Following the Tokyo Game Show 2021 presentation schedule which was held last night, SEGA finally officially announced the game with the title Sin Chronicle.

The game itself is a successor to SEGA’s popular mobile RPG released in 2013 namely Chain Chronicle, but this time they are trying to bring a more unique gameplay approach. So instead of focusing on the standard and overused concept of RPG games on the market, Sin Chronicle seeks to bring a true “Role-Playing” experience. One of the most interesting mechanisms it offers is how each player is given the opportunity to choose the ending in each chapter of the story. The decisions that must be taken are also very heavy, where players are sometimes forced to choose which characters deserve to live and die, without having a second chance to change their decisions.

The gameplay it offers focuses on exploration and combat based on turn-based battles. Although from the outside it doesn’t seem special, there is a mixture of action elements in it that makes the gameplay feel more fresh, such as maintaining the character’s position even though they have attacked the enemy. The tempo of the game is also fast and characters can replenish BP to launch more skills. Of course all this is just the surface of the real gameplay, so in the full game later who knows, there will be more options until different game modes are made more complex.

Sin Chronicle itself is planned to be released on December 15 in Japan. Pre-registration access has been opened and you can directly check on the Game Box link that we have included below. For more complete and updated information about the game, you can also check on the official website HERE.

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Sin Chronicle

Publisher: SEGA

Developer: SEGA

Release Date: 2021-12-15

Mobile Game, Android, iOS

Sin Chronicle is a new mobile RPG game from SEGA which is the successor of Chain Chronicle. The uniqueness of this game lies in the concept of the real “Role-Playing” experience it offers. One example is how players can choose a crucial ending in each story chapter, such as deciding the fate of a character’s life and death without a second chance.

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