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Quite worrying news came from one of the participants for the biggest event in Dota 2, The International (TI) 10, Team Aster. After arriving in Bucharest, Romania, three roster from Team Aster, tested positive for Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19).

The three players are Du”Monet“Peng, Lin”Xxs“Jing, dan Ye”Borax“Zibiao. In addition to the three players, two staff from Team Aster also received the same test results, which were positive for Covid-19. Therefore, the organizers immediately suggested to the management and Team Aster to isolate as soon as possible.

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Although confirmed positive for Covid-19, the three players did not experience symptoms so it was predicted that the recovery would run quickly. However, to make sure everything is safe, the organizers are Valve keep monitoring the three players and all participants who have been present in Bucharest, Romania.

Concerns are increasing because Team Aster is in the same hotel as four other Chinese teams. This allows the virus to spread to other teams. In order to reduce their activities, the organizers advise them to isolate themselves except to buy food needs until the administrative process for IT 10 is complete.

The reason is, the TI 10 event is only a few days away. This of course made Valve confused because Valve did not want the TI 10 event to be postponed again and the process stalled.

The most likely thing that Valve has done is to hold a group phase match while isolating in a hotel room for Team Aster. This was done because Valve had announced that TI 10 this time would be held automatically offline and added an audience presence to enliven TI 10.

Is this a signal for Valve to host a TI 10 tournament on a regular basis? online? Or keep running offline? And what about the fate of Team Aster?

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