SINoALICE Global Version Presents Cool Collaboration with Anime Code Geass –

SINoALICE, which is a popular mobile RPG game made by Yoko Taro and Square Enix, is still very popular with many fans. The consistent support provided by the developer is one of the reasons behind the game’s strong existence, which is usually brought in the form of updates and interesting collaboration events. After surprising fans through a collaboration with DC Comics, starting yesterday the global version of SINoALICE has brought a new collaboration with the anime Code Geass.

Just like most collaborations, players can access new Gacha offers to get exclusive characters from Code Geass such as Lelouch Lamperouge, Kururugi Kuzaku, CC, and Kallen Stadtfeld, each of which comes with a new character class. In addition to the characters, this collaboration is also an original story scenario involving Sunrise as a supervisor. There is also a Login Bonus campaign with prizes in the form of Masked Man Zero/Gunner and special missions with Twilight Crystal prizes.

This collaboration event between SINoALICE and Code Geass has been running from yesterday until the 8th of October. You can see a summary of information about content to the latest giveaway event from the official website HERE.

For those of you who are still unfamiliar with the game, SINoALICE itself is a popular mobile RPG made by Square Enix which is handled directly by director Yoko Taro. The uniqueness of this game lies in the dark fantasy theme that is fused with popular fairy tales. The evocative real-time coop gameplay and interesting storyline content are some of the game’s strongest appeals.

SINoALICE is now available and can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS. In addition to getting regular updates, this RPG game from Yoko Taro also often has exciting events. Who knows after this they will again hold a follow-up collaboration with other games from Square Enix.

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Publisher: Square Enix

Developer: Pokelabo Inc.

Release Date: 2020-07-01

Android, iOS

SINoALICE is a mobile RPG game that is handled directly by the director behind the NieR series, namely Yoko Taro. This game offers a unique and hardcore fantasy story theme, coupled with real-time coop gameplay that is always evocative.

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