Official! Free Fire MAX Released Today, What are the Functions? –

Garena Free Fire has just announced that Free Fire MAX is officially launched globally and can be downloaded on Google Play and iOS App Store. Free Fire MAX is the latest application from Garena that will provide a more optimal Free Fire playing experience with higher graphics and audio visuals.

Christian Wihananto, Free Fire Game Producer expressed his pride in the launch of Free Fire MAX in Indonesia, “Since pre-registration was opened at the end of last August, we have seen great enthusiasm throughout the world, especially in Indonesia. We present Free Fire MAX based on the request of the Free Fire community around the world including Indonesia, namely a more optimal Free Fire playing experience with improved graphics and additional new features in the game.”

Free Fire MAX players can enjoy Free Fire games with a more realistic map, a more immersive gaming experience, and various exclusive features. Free Fire players who want to use the MAX version also don’t have to worry about losing their progress or development in the Free Fire game so far. With the presence of Firelink technology from Garena Free Fire, Survivors can login to Free Fire MAX using the same account that was used previously in the Free Fire application. Game progress in the player’s account, as well as items that have been obtained in the previous Free Fire account will not be lost even if you log in to Free Fire MAX.

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Create and play your own custom map with Craftland!

Craftland is an exclusive feature of Free Fire MAX that allows Survivors to create their own maps and play them with friends. In Craftland mode, Survivors can get creative and put various objects, buildings, structures, and various decorations into their own custom-made maps for a more unique gaming experience.

The completed map can be played together by Free Fire and Free Fire MAX players. Players can also share their created maps to be hosted by other players. In addition, players can also subscribe, like and share their favorite maps to show support for each map maker.

Free Fire MAX provides a more realistic map visual

Free Fire MAX also features maps that have been graphically improved, allowing players to see better details of their favorite maps. Map effects have also been added to offer a more realistic in-game experience. This includes additional effects on water graphics, safety zones, and even on the natural surroundings. Survivors can even try shooting trees to see the effects of fallen leaves on the ground.

Not only visual effects, one of the players’ favorite maps, Bermuda will be brought into Free Fire MAX. Named Bermuda MAX, this map features a redesigned Clocktower and Factory area, with additional graphic details on the inner and outer structures.

A more immersive gaming experience with sound effects and animation updates

Free Fire MAX features visual and audio updates, allowing players to dive deeper into their Free Fire experience. The animations of basic movements such as running, jumping, crawling have been improved to make it look smoother and more realistic. Special animations when players consume mushrooms and open their parachutes when they drop into the map have also been added.

Weapons in Free Fire MAX have also received updates. Weapon reload animation has been equipped with more realistic sound effects. The tracer effect on gun fire and bullet holes will also appear on certain walls and structures on the map. The tracer effect will only be seen from the player’s point of view, so there are no additional tactical advantages given to Free Fire MAX players when playing with players using Free Fire Original.

Even though it is equipped with many updated features and graphic effects, Free Fire MAX is not presented as a ‘replacement’ for Free Fire, but rather a complement to a more optimal playing experience. As part of Free Fire’s inclusive mission which wants to unite all Survivors regardless of specifications. Game mechanics and in-game content in both versions will remain the same, even Survivors can continue to play in the same arena from both versions and continue to be part of the same Free Fire community.

“The presence of Free Fire MAX is the result of the hard work of the Garena team, and cannot be separated from the support and input of Survivors in Indonesia and throughout the world. Have fun playing and welcome to Free Fire MAX!” close Christian.

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