Horizon Forbidden West on PS4 will definitely not match the PS5 version – Cilar.net

Horizon Forbidden West is one of the most anticipated PlayStation exclusive games. This is of course not surprising because the first series itself gained considerable success and gamers of course are curious how it will continue. Moreover, Horizon Forbidden West was also released for the PS4 console, not just for the next-gen.

Of course, many gamers who are still playing on PS4 are quite worried about what they will get in the future. Reported from PlayStation Blog, Lead Character Artist -Bastien Ramisse made sure that they didn’t forget the PS4 version, and made sure it would be similar to the PS5 and wouldn’t be too sparse with each other.

They have also tested the game on both consoles simultaneously to ensure the PS4 version will have a level of immersion that is not too far behind. One of the most striking differences is probably the graphic details for characters like Aloy which come with detailed textures and phyiscs that can only be utilized on next-gen consoles.

Horizon Forbidden West is scheduled to be released on PS4 and PS5 on February 18, 2022. This game continues the adventure story of Aloy who is still trying to find a way to save life on earth. In addition to being ready to take players in a completely new regional setting, later there will be more threats from tribes to new types of machine monsters that are ready to provide extra challenges.

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