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Of the many toy companies and media franchise owners that still exist today, Hasbro is perhaps the most widely known by many. As the holder of several popular franchises such as Monopolu, Transformers, to Power Rangers, there must be many who expect that they can return to active role as game developers instead of relying on the services of third-party companies.

As if to answer the challenge, Hasbro recently inaugurated the AAA game division and its own studio. The Wizards of the Coast division was responsible for the opening of a new studio called Raleigh-Durham Studio. The studio, located in North Carolina, will focus on developing games from the Hasbro franchise for console and PC platforms. This new studio is also led by veterans in the gaming industry in order to maintain the expected quality standards.


Since last February Hasbro has announced a new game project of its own, with Raleigh-Durham Studio included in the plan. The franchise that has been confirmed to receive an AAA game is GI Joe, where the game carries the action adventure genre with third-person gameplay. It is also possible that other popular franchises could also follow in the future, such as Power Rangers, which many fans had hoped would get an AAA-scale game with a serious production value.

Joining Hasbro in the electronic game industry scene is a big step that should be appreciated, because with this there will be more potential franchises that can get their own AAA games. Hopefully their new division can answer fans’ expectations and stay strong in the future.

Source: Gameinformer

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