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Game Jams is something that is very important for the game industry itself because you will find tons of really fun and unexpected games from indie game developers. This can be seen from the collaboration game Clay Game Studio, a game developer from Indonesia, with Simpleton, namely: Loading Story.

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Actually, Loading Story is a game whose name has been heard from last year. As a result, only this year, Loading Story has appeared with a game that carries the concept narrative adventure short one. You can also play this game for free on Steam.

As the title implies, Loading Story tells a story when the game is in the ‘loading’ phase. Loading Story will start when a game is stuck on its ‘loading screen’ and you will play a digital avatar character named Memu@ to solve the problem of the game crashing.

Loading Story Gameplay
Source: store.steampowered.com

You will explore and talk to the inhabitants of the miniature world. There will be several unique characters such as World and Bath, as well as a very vile street gang named Malware.

The art style displayed in this game looks very fun and cartoony using a flat two-dimensional model that is present in the Paper Mario game.

You will play some mini-games oppose Non-Player Character (NPCs). The game you will get when you are exploring to find out why and who is responsible for the very long ‘loading’ in the game.

Loading Story Minigame
Source: store.steampowered.com

Of course, this game will look very fun and it won’t take you long to finish this game. If you are interested, you can directly visit the Steam website to download it.

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