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Some time ago Nintendo Direct announced that it would launch two controllers for Nintendo Switch Online which will be released next month namely Nintendo 64 and SEGA Genesis. The shocking news is not over yet, now Nintendo will present the Nintendo SEGA Genesis controller with six-button exclusively for the Japanese region.

This information has been confirmed directly by Nintendo Japan through its official tweet on their platform. Unfortunately the Nintendo SEGA Genesis controller with six-button will only be available for Nintendo users who are in the Sakura Country.

The presence of the N64 controller and SEGA Genesis is certainly expected to provide a new experience that is fun and different from usual. As we know, the Nintendo 64 is a legendary controller that entered the fifth generation and was published in 1996 in Japan.

While the SEGA Genesis controller or better known as the Mega Drive is the fourth generation controller that was released in 1988 in Japan. Mega Drive then expanded by successfully achieving its popularity for the Americas, Europe and surrounding areas in the 1990s.


In 1993, SEGA Genesis with three-button comes with one of the popular arcade games, Street Fighter II. Later, SEGA also released a version wireless with controller six-button which are called Remote Arcade Pad. In order to repeat its popularity in the 80’s and 90’s, Nintendo has released the two controllers and presented them to lovers of this one console.

However, Nintendo lovers seem to need to understand that each region or region has the characteristics of different controller models. For example, the SEGA Genesis for the Japanese region will be different from the Americas and Canada where both regions will only provide a three-button SEGA Genesis controller.

Nintendo’s efforts in presenting these two legendary controllers of course need to be appreciated. Getting a warm reception and high enough enthusiasm to date proves that Nintendo is serious about bringing back nostalgia stories, especially through the N64 and SEGA Genesis controllers.

Source: Polygon

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