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Starting from a card game made by Nitroplus and DMM Games, Touken Ranbu, which is actually still classified as a new franchise, is now in a high level of popularity. Apart from getting an expansion in the form of an anime adaptation, recently Koei Tecmo (Omega Force) also announced their involvement in the development of a new musou game for Touken Ranbu. After only showing 3D renders of some of the main characters, the game was finally showcased in full at the event Nintendo Direct for Japan only this morning.

From the graphics quality and gameplay control scheme, you can expect similar quality to some standard musou games from Koei Tecmo. This inaugural gameplay trailer must be admitted that it doesn’t give a positive or inviting impression, especially from the low frame rate which is very clearly visible in many parts even when in the cutscene as well. So when the final release later, hopefully the developers can bring maximum optimization. Instead of being curious, you can check out the gameplay trailer below:

Taking the setting in the war era or the Sengoku period in Japan, in this game you will follow the adventures of the swordsmen of the Touken Ranbu series. The game has confirmed that there will be 15 characters that will appear and are divided into five units, including the most iconic model character in the series, Mikazuki Munechika. The development of the game is handled by two developers who are indeed the most suitable, such as how Omega Force is indeed reliable in concocting musou games, while Ruby Party specializes in otome genre games. So even though the game offers an intense action side, you can imagine that there will be many fanservice elements in the story.

Regarding the release schedule, Touken Ranbu Musou will be present on Nintendo Switch and PC on 17 February. For the time being, the release is only limited to the Japanese region, so fans who expect a global version must be patient waiting for further confirmation.

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