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The Chinese government previously issued a policy regarding restrictions on playing games in the country for its citizens under the age of 18. Following up on this, the Chinese government then conducted a trial of a game-specific complaint service website under the auspices of China’s National Publication and Publishing Administration (NPPA).

This website is planned for people who want to make complaints or report video games or companies that do not comply with the restriction policies made by the Chinese Government. The NPPA was appointed as the manager of the site because it is a government agency that handles the video game industry and is responsible for the release of new games in Panda Country.

As we already know, the Chinese government released a policy regarding restrictions on playing games which are only allowed on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays between 20.00-21.00 local time. Before this regulation appeared to the public, the Chinese Government made a policy that children were only allowed to play games for 90 minutes.


In addition, children in China are also not allowed to play games between 10pm and 8am. It aims to overcome the problem of game addiction that occurs in the country. China is one of the advanced countries in terms of technology. However, it has a very strict policy, especially in terms of the use of games, especially for minors.

The new website will later serve as a platform to serve complaints for game companies that violate the rules. Unfortunately, this complaint service platform is still in the pilot phase by the NPPA. For Chinese citizens who wish to report the problem can include a Chinese ID and mobile number with three issues which include:

1. Has the online game complied with the requirements for real name registration by all users,
2.Do online games apply a time limit for players under 18 years old,
3.Do online games take certain steps to prevent teenagers from spending a lot of time just on in-game transactions.

In addition to the time limit set by the Chinese government, another policy was also introduced, namely the limit on spending for games by children aged 8-15 years of 200 yuan or around Rp. 440,996 per month. While teenagers aged 16-18 years only 400 yuan or around Rp. 881,992 per month.

In the future, all players or gamers in China are required to register officially through the anti-addiction system managed by the NPPA through identification documents issued by the Chinese Government online. Nowadays some games already have a system where they can automatically boot for players after a certain amount of time has passed.

In addition, there are now 20 companies based in Shanghai, a business city in China, to meet with local municipal governments and attend meetings to discuss new guidelines or new policies created by the Chinese Government. So what do you think about this news? Do you think if it is implemented in Indonesia, will it have a positive impact or vice versa?

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