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PlayStation (PS) has indeed become one of the most memorable consoles for its players, especially PS rental children. Since the presence of PS1, game lovers are certainly getting more and more excited will be the console output of the PS series.

The height of fans and the market for PS makes Sony Computer Entertainment as publisher and developer from PS are continuously doing development on their console. Until finally, PS3 was born on November 11, 2006. In addition to PS console lovers, the PS3 was born to be able to compete with its competitors, namely Microsoft Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii at that time.

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Of course, with the birth of the PS3 console, there are many too developerdeveloper games are competing to create PS3 games that can hit the market. With so many genres appearing for PS3, maybe games that use the concept Third-Person Shooter (TPS) is the most favorite game and is widely applied by players publisher This is the game.

Indeed, games that use a different concept from TPS such as Persona 5 or Call of Duty (CoD) 4: Modern Warfare are still being played. In fact, many websites say that these two games are one of the best games for the PS3 console.

However, games that carry the TPS theme themselves are much happier and favored by the market. In addition to an interesting storyline and gameplay What’s new, the graphics presented by TPS games themselves can be said to be very popular when the PS3 was still busy being played.

For those of you who still have or might want to buy a PS3 console, this time will provide recommendations for the five best games on PS3 that can and are still fun for you to play at this time.

God of War III
God of War III

Similar to the previous two sequels, God of War III takes the storyline of the main character, Kratos, after he defeats his father, Zeus. In God of War III, you will still play Kratos who is still trying to defeat his father, Zeus. He has a goal to find Pandora, a girl who can open the Pandora Box to defeat Zeus and bring down Olympus.

Why is this game a PS3 game that you should play? This is the last installment of the series Greek Mythology and be the closing of the story of Kratos. This game is very fun to play because you don’t only fight against enemies or small gods, however, you also have to fight Gaia, a Titan who has a very large body compared to Kratos.

You will also fight against the gods that you often hear about the stories of Greek gods such as Poseidon, Hades, Hephaestus, Hermes, Helios, Hera, Aphrodite, Zeus, and even Hercules. Of course, each god will have a different level of difficulty. In addition, you will also hear stories about Pandora’s box, a box that according to myths should not and cannot be opened.

Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs

Imagine if you had to fight your enemies without having to meet or meet face to face and only rely on electronic devices around you? Surely it’s fun isn’t it?

You will play as Aiden Pearce, a hacker who wants revenge for the murder of his niece. The story is really templateHowever, what makes Watch Dogs interesting for you to play on PS3 is that you can do hacking trains, traffic lights, security systems, WL, pedestrian information, and even you can rob their bank with only capital smartphone which he has.

Besides being able to do hacking, Aiden Pearce can also use weapons and fight at close range. You can also use the features slow-motion to fight. Of course, games that carry the TPS concept can be played online free-roaming for you to explore Chicagoland.

Dark Souls
Dark Souls

The game most often played by lovers actionadventurer TPS, namely Dark Souls, is a game that you should play on PS3. However, disclaimer, you must be ready to be patient and resilient to play this game.

Dark Souls is the output of a well-known game studio, Bandai Namco. Dark Souls itself was born from the success of a similar game before, Demon’s Souls. You will play a cursed undead character who goes on an adventure to find answers to their fate. The background of Dark Souls itself is the work of fiction, Lodran.

However, what is interesting about this game is that this game has a very, very difficult level of difficulty. Even for difficulty easy Of course, you have to repeatedly get past the enemies and win against the existing boss. This is what makes this game interesting and not a few of the fans game streamer try their luck to play this game.

Even though it has released three sequels, namely Dark Souls III, still, you can still play the Dark Souls game at this time. So, for those of you who are looking for a challenge, try playing this Dark Souls game on PS3.

The Last Of Us (TLOU)
The Last of Us

Fourth, there is The Last Of Us or commonly called TLOU. This game was developed by the successful game company Crash Team Racing (CTR), Naughty Dog, and released by Sony Computer Entertainment.

You will play a character named Joel and be accompanied by a little girl named Ellie. The adventure presented here is time consuming post-apocalyptic in the United States. However, there are some stage where you can also play the character Ellie in Winter’s Segment.

This game is played from a TPS perspective. Interestingly, your enemies besides zombies or cannibals commonly called Infected, you will also fight with humans who are still alive. survive in the post-apocalypse. You can also modify the weapons you have and can use all types of weapons such as long and short range weapon and melee weapon.

This game will certainly be very exciting and the longer you play this game, the more you will know what the relationship between Joel and Ellie is. The Last Of Us is also still relevant to play at this time for those of you who have a PS3.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V

For those of you who like to play for PS2 rentals, surely you know the GTA game, right? This game that uses the TPS model has an interesting storyline, a lot of missions, and also cheat accessible.

The release that is still remembered and remembered by many console players is of course GTA San Andreas. However, make no mistake, GTA V has also become one of the most popular games among console game lovers.

What’s interesting in GTA V is that you don’t just play one or two characters, but you can play three characters. Each character has their own storyline, different lives, and of course different missions. You will play Michael De Santa, Trevor Phillips, and Franklin Clinton where all three of them have in common is that they are all criminals.

Besides being able to play three characters, you will be surprised by ending which is very cool where you can choose what you want ending which you choose.

This game is still widely played by many people and there are even versions online or multiplayerits where you can play with your friends. However, disclaimer, you must be of age to play this game.

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