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Exactly on September 17, 2021, the Instagram account of BOOM Esports, namely @boomesportsid, managed to recruit one of the Dota 2 stars in South East Asia (SEA) and former TNC Predator player Timothy”TimsRandrup. With the presence of Tims on the side of BOOM Esports, making himself the third Filipino player owned by BOOM Esports.

Before Tims, there were two former OB players. Esports x Neon, Rolen Andrei Gabriel “skemOng and Erin JasperYopaj“Ferrer. Both players are players from the Philippines. Plus, with the participation of Jinn Marrey”PalosLamatao, Filipino player and former roster Execration, as standin for the BOOM Esports team in BTS Pro Series S8: SEA, making BOOM Esports filled with four Filipino players.

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This is certainly interesting because BOOM Esports itself is an esports organization located or headquartered in Indonesia. In fact, previously, they were named as BOOM ID before finally changing their name to BOOM Esports.

So, the question is, where to roster Indonesia in this Indonesian esports team? Can they not compete with players from other SEA countries and internationally?

BOOM Esports itself is one of the Dota 2 teams from Indonesia that is still survive to date. In the past, there might have been many Dota 2 teams from Indonesia such as The Prime NND, RRQ, EVOS, Alter Ego, PG. Barracx, and Nas Ne Dogonyat. However, one by one, the esports organizations released roster Dota 2 them and disappeared from this scene.

BOOM Esports is the only Indonesian team that has survived in the Dota 2 scene. Plus, with the presence of Army Geniuses, there are only two teams that have survived based on information from

Before Schem and Yopaj joined the BOOM Esports team, this team was filled with Indonesian players such as Randy Muhammad.”Dreamocel“Sapoetra, Rafli Fathur”Mikoto“Rahman, Saeiful”Fbz“Inspiration, Brizio Adi”Hyde“The son, and the captain, Alfi”Khezcute“Nelphyana. In fact, this team was once coached by former Ninjas in Pajamas (NiP) coach, Aaron “Clairvoyance” Kim.

In fact, track record from the BOOM Esports team during the formation of Dreamocel, Mikoto, Fbz, Hyde, and Khezcute, can’t be said to be bad. They won one time at the ESL SEA Championship in 2020, four times runnerup at ESL One Birmingham 2020: SEA, BTS Pro Series Season 2: SEA, ESL One Thailand 2020: Asia, and BTS Pro Series Season 3: SEA.

However, these results cannot be said to be good because BOOM Esports has not experienced an increase in performance. The streak of zero titles coupled with Khezcute’s failure to lead his team to step up to compete in The International (TI) 10 may also have caused Hyde and Dreamocel to be released by BOOM Esports. Meanwhile, for Khezcute, he decided to end his career in Dota 2 or retire.

Based on a statement expressed by the CEO of BOOM Esports, Gary Ongko Putra, on their official Instagram account, there will be a major overhaul of the Dota 2 BOOM Esports team.

“In my opinion, what surprised us the most was that Khezcute resigned and he would retire as a player. So, with a heavy heart, we have several plans for the Dota 2 BOOM Esports team and Dreamocel and Hyde are not included in those plans,” he said.

After releasing the three players, on September 3, 2021, BOOM Esports officially introduced two new players, namely Yopaj and skem. This was predicted by Dota 2 lovers in Indonesia not long after BOOM Esports released Khezcute, Dreamocel, and Hyde, OB. Esports x Neon also released Yopaj and skem. Even if it’s just an intuition, the public’s guess is true.

However, the most surprising thing was the arrival of Tims to the BOOM Esports team. Two days after TNC Predator announced that they would be releasing five roster of them, one of which is Tims, BOOM Esports released a video stating that Tims is a part of BOOM Esports. This is certainly surprising considering that Tims itself is a very reliable player and it is very rare for players who have high flying hours to want to play in the Indonesian team.

But, of course, this is sad news for the Dota 2 industry in Indonesia where there is no Dota 2 team from Indonesia that still retains the five players from Indonesia other than Army Geniuses. BOOM Esports currently only retains one player, namely Fbz.

On the other hand, Indonesian players prefer to play in other teams outside Indonesia. For example, two players from Indonesia, Kenny “Xepher“Deo and Matthew”WhitemonFilemon, chose to play under the flag of T1, an esports organization from South Korea. In addition, there is Muhammad “inYourdreaM“Ricky and Tri”Jhocam” Kuncoro who played in Galaxy Racer (now Nigma Galaxy SEA).

This strengthens the view of the lack of development of Dota 2 teams in Indonesia, causing many Indonesian players to choose to play outside. There are several factors that make this happen, such as the lack of fans of the Dota 2 game in Indonesia and the lack of holding Dota 2 tournaments in Indonesia. However, this situation will actually cause Dota 2 players from Indonesia and most likely the loss of the Dota 2 team in Indonesia.

It can be seen from the current BOOM Esports where four roster they are filled by players from the Philippines. This has made BOOM Esports, which is well-known as an Indonesian Dota 2 team, become BOOM Esports Philippines.

Actually, it’s not a problem, it’s even very good, with the presence of Tims, Yopaj, and skem to the Indonesian Dota 2 scene, it is hoped that it will increase interest and excited Dota 2 lovers in Indonesia. However, does our dream of seeing a Dota 2 team from Indonesia shine in the international arena have to be dashed?

We hope that the presence of Tims, Yopaj, and skem to the BOOM Esports team will not only attract Dota 2 lovers in Indonesia. Instead, this is a separate ‘whip’ for esports teams and government officials who are tackling esports in Indonesia to be able to develop Indonesia’s Dota 2 scene even better in the future.

Maybe, by providing small tournaments first as an event test-drive and talent seeker can also. Most importantly, we don’t want Indonesia’s Dota 2 to be ‘supported’ by other countries, right?

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