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Pokemon is the most interesting video game with a variety of unique series and it’s a shame if you miss it. First published by Nintendo and the Pokemon Company in 1996 in Japan. There are at least eight generations of Pokemon games that have been present where the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl series is the last series to be published this year and we will wait for the newest series next year.

Based on monitoring from Cilar.net, there are about 18 Pokemon game series that have been published on various platforms ranging from Game Boy in the first generation to Nintendo Switch in the eighth generation. Of course, over the years, gamers have always been presented with the development of the Pokemon game series that have their own characteristics.

The uniqueness of the Pokemon series has always been an attraction for gamers to play it. In addition, platform support also has an important role and affects the experience in playing Pokemon games. So what game series are still worth playing today? Well, here is a list of the best Pokemon game series of all time. Let’s see the review!

1.Pokemon Gold, Silver dan Crystal

The Pokemon Gold and Silver game series is considered by many fans to be the series that has the best level of the other series. In the series, the developers introduced a new Pokemon ‘Shiny’ which is a very rare variant with special coloring and enhanced stats.


Meanwhile, the Pokemon Crystal series is the only series that is enhanced from Gold and Silver. For both of these series, Pokemon will only be available on the Game Boy Color platform which means Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal are the second generation series published between 1999 and 2001.

2.Pokemon Blue, Red dan Yellow

The first generation of the Pokemon game series is Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow, which was published in 1998 to mid 2000. This series is ranked second as the best Pokemon game series of all time. Available on the classic Game Boy, the Pokemon Blue and Red game series have succeeded in driving the cross-game economy and occupying slots in the global market.

While Pokemon Yellow only lasted a year in America by taking advantage of its massive popularity through the Pokemon anime series at the time. In the Pokemon Yellow series, gamers may be introduced to Raichu, an anime character like Pikachu that may be more interesting and the addition of several Pokemon trainers similar to the anime series at that time.

3.Pokemon X and Y

The Nintendo 3DS generation must be familiar with Pokemon X and Y. Present in 2013, it has a balance of gameplay and various features. This Pokemon series is the first time it’s fully 3D and introduces a new Fairy Pokemon to help and balance out the powerful Dragon.

As Pokemon with the fourth generation category, Pokemon X and Y also introduces New Mega Evolutions, which allows Pokemon to evolve temporarily and then switch to a special new form. Of course, this game series is peppered with new content and amazing features from the previous generation.

4.Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire

In the Game Boy Advance era, there were three Pokemon series that appeared between 2002 and 2005. Of the three, one series titled Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire became the most popular series, especially in the period 2002 to 2003. Entering the third generation, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire became the most popular series. games with better graphics capabilities than the previous generation.

This version also brings Pokemon’s ability to strategically customize. Uniquely, this series can connect gamers with other players simultaneously, even up to four players at once. Thus, this series has become one of the most popular games by gamers.

5.Pokemon Sword and Shield

The next game series that may also be considered ‘fresh’ is Pokemon Sword and Shield. As the eighth generation, of course this series is very popular among gamers, especially Nintendo Switch users. Interestingly, Pokemon Sword and Shield introduces the Wild Area, which is a special zone in the game world filled with wild Pokemon that seem to roam freely.

In addition to the presence of the Wild Area in Pokemon Sword and Shield, gamers are also introducing a large-scale post-launch expansion. An Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra DLC pack arrived in the summer and fall of the year the series was first published. Besides there are several Pokemon that have been eliminated since the first generation but on the other hand there are also Pokemon that come with new variants.

6.Pokemon Sun and Moon

The next Pokemon series that is quite in demand by console game fans is Pokemon Sun and Moon. The game that was present in 2016 is officially present on the Nintendo 3DS with a very unique look. This series may seem very different from its predecessor series where a tropical theme with a Hawaiian background called Alola also colors the Pokemon Sun and Moon series.

In addition, there are several features that were later improved by Nintendo through the Pokemon Sun and Moon series. As the seventh generation, the improvements that can be seen from this series are character customization to different revolutions based on their environment. Surely gamers who have played it have a different experience from the previous series.

7.Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

For gamers who have played the Nintendo DS, you must be familiar with the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl game series. This fourth generation Pokemon, retains the basic gameplay of its predecessor while introducing additional new features that they have. The day-night cycle is still present in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl by increasing three times from the previous series which consists of five time periods, namely morning, afternoon, evening, night and early morning.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl offers compatibility with third generation Pokemon games namely Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed and LeafGreen, Pokemon Ranger and Pokemon Battle Revolution. Gamers can ‘Migrate’ Pokemon from Game Boy Advance to Diamond and Pearl after getting the National Pokedex in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl by inserting Game Boy Advance cartridge into the cartridge slot of Nintendo DS.

8.Pokemon Black and White

This fifth generation Pokemon has improved its graphics especially for gamers from Japan. The dialogue box from the previous game has been turned into a speech bubble that will appear above the heads of other characters allowing the characters to speak simultaneously. In addition, gamers can also have kanji that will appear on the screen instead of just hiragana and say.

The new features that are present in Pokemon Black and White are Triple Battles and Rotation Battles. In Triple Battles, both teams must send three Pokemon in a row at once. Whereas Rotation Battles each side sends three Pokemon at once but they are arranged in a circle that can be rotated at will. Pokemon Black gets more Rotation Battles than Triple Battles and vice versa with Pokemon White.

9.Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu!

As the seventh generation of Pokemon, Pokemon: Let’S Go Pikachu is probably better known to Nintendo Switch users than any other console. The series takes cues from Pokemon Yellow featuring the same perspective and system. At this time, gamers’ friends can be Pikachu or Eevee depending on what version gamers are playing. This structure is basically a remake of Pokemon Yellow.

So there are 151 similar monsters between Pokemon Yellow and Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! that can be enjoyed by gamers through the Nintendo Switch. Maybe some gamers don’t agree with this opinion but looking at the available features it seems that Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! it’s no different from other series, just switch platforms.

10.Pokemon Black and White 2

When compared to the first version of Pokemon Black and White, this series is considered by some gamers to be unsatisfactory. Although there is no data result that the series is not very satisfactory, it can be seen from the small number of changes and the absence of a significant level of change. So maybe this is the reason why this series is less satisfying for gamers.

However, Pokemon Black and White 2 brings new cities in the same region as well as areas that were not present in the first version of the game. In addition, new mechanics are also available in Pokemon Black and White 2. So that’s the list of the Best Pokemon series of all time that is still worthy for gamers to play. Approximately from these series, what gamers like the most?

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